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the new site* of the

E-Museum of Pyrographic Art

Not intended as a commercial enterprise,
the E-Museum is a unique cultural resource
designed to bring pyrographic art
to artists, specialists, collectors and connoisseurs,
and all who appreciate this art.

Find here references and cross-references for
works of art in pyrography
pyrographic tools,
books on pyrography and related topics,
sources for classes and instruction,
and networking for pyrographic artists around the world.

The E-Museum floor plan is projected below as an image to orient you in the scope of the project and guide you through our monument to pyrographic art, which has welcomed well over a million visitors, and that on January 1st, 2015, celebrated its seventeenth anniversary on the internet.

In the Directory that follows (and links from) the floor plan, note that only those items with links are presently available. Many more, however, are in the "archives" of the E-Museum waiting to be placed on display. Others are plans for the future, contingent upon the willing participation of pyrographers and collectors from around the world invited to become a part of this project.

E-Museum of Pyrographic Art

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*Note that the original E-Museum is no longer available at its original address of
www.geocities.com/Paris/Rue/4029/. Yahoo! closed all of their Geocities sites on the 26th of October 2009.

At that time, the old E-Museum was archived (without permission) by at least four entities, whose sites show up in Google searches along with the new E-Museum. They are not associated with the new E-Museum, and their content reflects the E-Museum's up to October 2009 only. One entity, called "Reocities," is on the internet at the same addresses as before, substituting the G of Geocities with an R. Others are oocities, asminor, and geocities.ws where all of the old addresses archived under the exact same address except substituting the dot com with dot ws.

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